HKDMA e-News 2015

Published bi-monthly                                                                                                                   Third issue: Jun 2015


I) Activities

1.       Three members participated the 25th World Conference on Disaster Management 8 �C 11 June, 2015 at Toronto, Canada. They may have experience to share later.


Photo 1 the WCDM venue with participants and speaker


                                Hong Kong Delegates                                     Centrepoint of the Venue


Photo 2 exhibition booth


Immediate Response Technologies           Special Operation Unit                              International Rescue    


II) Coming Activities

2.       Visit Singapore Civil Defence Force 2-4 July 2015. Sixteen members and two staff from AMS joined to form the 18 delegate group.



3.       HKDMA AGM cum Fellowship Night

Date:                     22 July 2015 (Wed)

Venue:                 �ϭh�ŵ��������ִ̾��Ö|���Ęǰ��Tِ�R�����T����ϲ�d

Time:                     7:00 pm                AGM

7:30 pm                Fellowship Night Seminar

Topic: Emergency Response Operations Outside Hong Kong SAR (EROOHK)  - Disaster Psychosocial Services from Plan to Action�� ���g�������؄e�����^���⑪���Єӣ�EROOHK�� - ���y�������Տ�Ӌ�����Єӡ�)

Speaker: Dr Rosalie Kwong, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Hospital Authority

8:00 pm                Dinner


Registration deadline for the event: 12 July 2015 (free for fully paid up member of 2015/16)


4.       HKDMA 2015/16 Membership fee

2015/16���ȵĕ��M�ѽ��_ʼ���գ��F�Е��T���M�� $100���՗l�����뎤�����ϡ�(��δ�U��2014/15 ���ȕ��M�ĕ��T��Ոһ���U�����x�x��)

Ո��λ��֧Ʊ̧�^���� �����۞��y�t���W�����޹�˾���� ��Hong Kong Disaster Medicine Association Ltd.�����K��֧Ʊ���጑�ϕ��T�������Ļ� �����Эh���o����141̖�б����F����11�֘�1101��

���۞��y�t���W�����޹�˾ �x��˾��������С���ա�



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